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Terms Of Use

The website (hereinafter referred to as “travelpixy” or “We”) is a website to introduce, evaluate applications, and give tips on mobile. To use the service on the website, the user should read the terms of service below.

Web Access Objects

You must be at least 8 years old to join You also confirm that it is legally allowed to access the website, and you are responsible for choosing to visit our website.


The website and the information posted on the website are owned by WE DO NOT ALLOW COPY OR RESISTANCE OF ANY CONTENTS BY in any way. If we detect any copying from website content, we will take necessary actions based on Vietnamese law on content rights to protect our content.


On our website, there may be many links to the websites of other companies or third-party partners, but is not the owner of those websites. We shall not be responsible or liable for any content, advertising, products, or services on these websites, and assume no responsibility or authority whatsoever, directly or indirectly, for any risk or loss caused by your use of or reliance on the content, advertising, products, or services of such websites.

PRIVACY offers the strongest method to protect the privacy of users on the website and provides you with a notice about the collection and use of data, including personally identifiable information, on the website. The information you have registered on the website will not be used for commercial activities on the website.


You must understand and agree that:

The Website and the services provided through the Website are based on a number of basic principles. DISCLAIMER OF ANY LEGAL OR POLITICAL ASSESSMENT: The comments or posts of the users MUST NOT contain criticism, defamation of the members, or anything else. is not responsible for the accuracy, safety, certainty, or availability of any product, service, information, or material that you obtain on the website that is not provided by us, which includes third-party services. You are solely responsible for the risk of loss of information and the cost of hardware or application repair when you do not comply with the security guidelines in your use. use website.

Changes to these terms

As these Terms of Use may be amended from time to time, we recommend that you review the terms regularly to stay up-to-date with any changes.

The change will take effect on the date it is posted on the web. Remember that these Terms of Use apply only to this website and do not have any effect on the content of third parties.

Regulations for Website Posts

All materials and content posted on the website MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO VIOLATE OR RELATED LAW, POLITICAL, Communist Party, and Socialist State Issues Prohibited by the State of Vietnam. We WILL NOT BROWSE and DON’T SUPPLY the articles on how to track, monitor, and steal user information.

Eligible articles that are allowed to be posted on the website must have full and transparent information, as follows:

Name and email address of the sender

Name of the tutorial.

description and detailed information about the procedure.
All submissions must be in Vietnamese with correct accents and dictionaries; for IT-specialized terms, they can be left unchanged or abbreviated.

If in the article there is a guide to the mobile application, the information must be clear.

Application name.

Application Usage Properties (Free, Trial, Paid)

system requirements to run the application.

Illustrations for the application

App publisher/provider.

publisher’s website address.

Application download path: must be the path of the application provider itself or the path specified by the provider. All links uploaded by readers to private or public servers will not be approved unless the application is written or developed by you.
Applications related to mobile devices MUST have been displayed on the app stores of the respective operating system owners, such as Google Play, Apple iTunes, Windows Phone Store, BlackBerry World, etc.We will not view them. Review or post tips related to apps that have not been shown on these app stores.


If you have any questions about the terms of use or privacy policy, please contact us by email at [email protected].