TravelPixY: Capturing the Magic of Travel Thru My Lens

Traveling always leaves me in awe. Looking at the beauty of nature means being mesmerized at the magnificent works and power of God. On the other hand, there are man-made structures that reflect the ingenuity of men and give us a glimpse of the culture of the society behind those wonders.

Do you agree that travel is magic unfolding? It’s an eye-opener and a learning experience which can help you grow as an individual. A traveler has always something new to learn, see, meet and ponder.

Here at TravelPixY, I wish to share with you my quest of capturing the magic of travel thru my camera’s lenses. It is a travel and photo blog which I hope you will find pleasure reading and sharing with others. Come and constantly join me in this wonderful experience by subscribing to TravelPixy’s feeds.